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Is it ethical and legal to buy a custom written or pre-written essay?

I believe it is ethical to use the custom essay writing services. You do not still anything, you pay enough fair price for the service you use, you simply delegate the part of your work and can concentrate on what really matters to you. You are free to get an outside help and delegate your writing assignments to professional writers same as if you would get your watches fixed or car repaired by third party experts.

During my study I had several courses that I considered to be absolutely useless, I loved my major and make all writing assignments myself, but I hated Compositions, where you need to write some blah-blah-blah about your personal experiences and make 5 revisions polishing your work. I always ordered papers in such cases and haven't experienced any ethical problems with that. Instead of distressing myself I could concentrate on what I really liked.

I did some research to find out is it legal to buy essays, term papers, etc. I personally have never experienced any legal problems with using such services. I did have problems when some "trustful" custom essay writing services provided me with plagiarized papers, but it never caused any legal problems.

From what I have researched I found that it can be a problem for companies that provide the service, especially for paper mills. Some states have statutes against the sale of a "term paper, essay, report, thesis or dissertation" to students. But you, as a student, cannot be detected if you use trustful custom essay writing service and you will not have any legal problems, they keep all information private.

Public education sponsor

Private education is considered to be an option for the privileged and for those who are willing to bear the extra expenses. However many parents send their children to be educated in a public education system as the education obtained here can be equally effective and appealing. Today, brilliant children can also have significant scope for the development of their skills due to the sponsorship programs for public education.

The need for a sponsorship program:

Though the public schools and colleges are much more affordable as compared to private institutes, they do need help from time to time. This need is prominently felt in countries like Africa, India, Bangladesh and many others, where government funds can be short. Many of these public schools therefore depend on funds obtained from generous minded sponsors. Thus, welfare organizations, businessman, rich corporate companies can step forward to support the efforts of the government through their sponsorship and funds.

Supporting public education:

There is sometimes a very prominent misconception that public education system does not need a sponsorship program because of the backing of the government. However, these funds in themselves are insufficient and can lead to a dearth of essential requirements and accessories. During this time sponsors can step in to lend their support and enthusiasm to the children studying in public education system. Thus, sponsors can cover the cost of the maintenance of buildings, of making available necessary accessories like study material, benches, playground facilities, sports facilities etc. thus, the sponsors can touch the lives of millions of school children in a number of ways.

Some sponsors also formulate their own scholarship programs which aim both to single out the extremely talented and hard working candidates, as well as to give them a chance of succeeding in their chosen path with the availability of all necessary facilities. The sponsors can also take on the responsibility of overseeing the higher education of such brilliant pupils. Sponsored public education systems also try and do their bit to acknowledge the gratitude of the sponsors. They do this by crediting the sponsors’ with a plaque, a certificate of appreciation or through open acknowledgement of the efforts of the sponsors. Some sponsors however refrain from getting the credit for the same.

Thus, overall, the sponsors can help a great deal and can contribute their bit to enhance the quality of the public education system of a country.

4 Tips To Choose Your College Degree In Line With Your Career Goal

Are you going to college just for fun? I guess not. You want to earn a college degree so that you get a good start in your career path after graduation. This is most of college students' goal. Hence, it is important to consider what the degree to pursue and which courses to be taken so that your college's degree will help you the most when you start your career after graduation. Here are 4 tips to choose your college degree that in-line with your career goal.

1. Choosing a Career

In deciding what college degree to pursue, you can work backward by determine first what career you intend to involve after earning your degree. You may choose a hot career which gets the best starting salary for fresh graduates. But, be alert that a hot job will not be so hot forever and in demand in next 10 years. You may want to consider factors such as projected job market move for the selected career, salary increment rate, long-range opportunities and type of skills required; lastly type of career you are dreaming for.

2. Choose Double Majors Or Major/Minor Combination

You may choose a double major primarily for academic/intellectual purpose. Most employers do not place a premium on a double major. You may need extra one or two semesters to obtain a second major and it does not particularly enhance your degree marketability except for some special cases such as a chemistry technical writer preferred students with a double major in English & Chemistry or a health policy and business major for a job as hospital administrator. Hence, you decide whether the career you plan for is really required you to have a double major; if not, you may want to save the extra one or two semesters and start your career earlier.

3. Choose A College Degree With Course That Meet Your Career Goal

Many colleges are offering same degree program that meet your requirement. But, be alert that although each college degree program is named the same, their courses may be different; some courses may have a specialization area to focus in while others may teach on general topics. Hence, you need to carefully read through the details of each course offered in the college degree program before you decide one to go for. The best option is the one with the most courses that in line with your career goal.

4. Earn Your Degree Online Or Offline

Although earning your degree online is the most convenient way of study because of it's flexibility of study at your own pace, not all students will be successful be an online students. Hence, online education might not be your call if you are not right candidate for online education. Be sure to know which channel to pursue your degree, online or offline. If you prefer to go for online college degree, be sure to evaluate yourself to ensure that online education is right for you. Many colleges have a self assessment to test whether you are suitable to pursue your degree online.


Hopeful the above 4 tips will trigger your mind when you are planning for college degree and choose a degree that you like and in-line with your career goal.

Mastering Student Loans: Canada Student Loans, Help For Grad School

While there are many resources available for Bachelor's level students there is somewhat less available for graduate students. Aside from fellowships and scholarships, there are few other grant resources available. This means that loans are a key to financing graduate school.

Canada Student Loans

Residents of Canada have an option that is both reliable and affordable. Canada student loans provides graduate students the same low interest terms as undergraduates with many repayment options to insure that no student need default.

Before 2001, the loans were administered through private lending institutions and guaranteed by the government. Since 2001, The Student Support Branch, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, branch of the Canadian federal government administers all student loans. They insure that each student receives equal and fair treatment as well as equal and fair access to higher education.

Canada student loans, like other student loans are set at a low rate of interest and are scheduled for beginning repayment six months after graduation. In addition to this, students are required each year to check in with the loan agency to insure they are still enrolled in school.


The real advantage of these loans comes at the repayment end. Canada student loans offer many options for students who have difficulty in repayment. As long as the loan remains out of default Canada student loans are ready to work with the student in repayment.

The government takes into account many factors when deciding how to work with their payees. Those who find themselves on permanent disability can, under the right circumstances, have their debt forgiven. In addition to this, the program offers reductions in principle up to $26,000 dollars over the life of the loan for those who meet the necessary criteria.

Also, payment deferral and interest deferral are options. Payment deferral can be as much as six months, with interest not accruing. Any payment made during this time goes toward the principle. During this time, the government pays the interest on the loan.

The two main requirements other than income are that the loan not be in default and any late payments be brought up to date with interest.

Higher Education Is Never Out of Reach

Many students look at graduate school and despair of ever being able to attend. This need not be. Canada student loans provide a way for the student to focus on their academics and less on their finances.

Anthropology papers

Writing this type of paper is educational and should be normally different from writing for a simple presentation or giving out ideas for a work.

Writing a piece of work like this should be an easy task and can take the following course:

The work should start with one or two paragraphs outlining a theoretical or conceptual framework on the issue or issues you are writing on. This should normally be like a summing up of the whole work so that any person who reads gets a total picture of what is in the paper. Also include in the abstract, any question or particular point that you might want to address.

Next is the organization or the body of the work. Although it must not be a repetition to students, it is recommended that every point should have a separate paragraph and where possible, linking sentences must string one paragraph to another. Your opening paragraph must be based on what your topic tells of. Be careful not to get off the point or change the subject matter.

If you intend to make the write-up long, then you must use subtitles or headings. Your title is the key to your work. It should be clear, exact and appealing. This will not only present the different issues to be discussed, but equally gives an organization to your work. Remember that physical presentation of the work is something that draws the attention of the reader and equally what makes him want to go to the next page. The wordings, graphs and tables (if any) must be clear and free from verbose words. Take note that you are not out for a show of words. Nevertheless, an anthropologist must use anthropological words. Without words that are familiar to the course, the paper falls short of a subject paper.

In writing a piece of work that gives an idea about the study of mankind, recourse to available materials can be from anywhere of your choosing. You can make references to books, journals or consultations. Thus you must acknowledge the sources of your material. All borrowed words must appear in quotes and books and their illustrations must be cited properly. Alternatively, you can paraphrase borrowed ideas and at the same time, give credit to where they come from. You are a student and your repute counts now and tomorrow. So do not copy the works of others without permission.

If you want your reader to go over the work uninterrupted, it is advisable to used endnotes in place of footnotes. This is because footnotes always convey extra messages and will tend to be time-consuming to a reader. Why not allow him to go through and read this extra information at the end of the work.

Conclusions are decisive parts in any anthropological paper. This is where your reader or teacher gets to know what position you have taken. This is where you answer any question raised in the paper. In your closing remarks, it will be good to give the opinion of authors or individuals and then give your own opinion or answer to the question. You must be creative. You can equally contribute to learning through your own ideas. Keep in mind that your opinions count. With the work done, you can add endnotes and cite references to your work.

Anthropology papers ought to be pleasing, attractive and convincing to any reader when read. Thus carefully read out the work to yourself or get someone to read the work to see if it is appealing. His remarks may amount to some amendments that could make your document pleasing and attractive to any reader.

Check Out Credentials of Online Degree Program before Enrolling

While you are searching for online degree programs, I am sure you definitely come across many articles or information regarding diploma mill. Many advices and tips from these information pages teach you how to identify for potential diploma mill and avoid yourself from dropping into diploma mills' trap. But unfortunately, diploma mills are still making their profit from many online students that enrolled into their online degree programs.

Many who signup for diploma mills' online degree program do not do their homework, they do not check out the credentials of online degree program before enrolling. Don't let this happen to you; you are responsible to ensure the degree that you earn online is accredited by property accreditation agencies and recognized in the job market.

Your need to spend some time to confirm the credentials of online degree program before you sign up any of online degree program. Put yourself on high alert for diploma mill signals even if it looks too good to be true and it looks like a reputable online university. Previously, "Accreditation" is the keyword that differential the reputable of online university with diploma mill but now you can't depend on this keyword alone, more home work need to be done.

Beware If Online University Is Accredited

It's sound weird, right? You may think that as long as the online university is accredited by an accreditation agency, it should be find to enroll into their online degree program. In actual fact, your thinking is just correct partly because many diploma mills also claimed that they are accredited. Diploma mills know that those who are looking for online degree programs will definite will ask for accreditation, almost all diploma mills are accredited.

But be aware that they may be accredited by a fake accreditation agency just to create confidence to their prospects. Hence, in determining an online university is reputable, the first thing is to make sure that the school is not only accredited, but accredited and recognized by the U.S Department of Education.

Fake Degree Won't Help In Your Career

If you did not do your homework to check the credentials of the online degree program and sign up with it. After a short period time of easy learning process (online degree programs offered by diploma mill always easy and can be completed within extremely short period of time), you earn your "fake" degree and hoping that it will in help in your career advancement or job promotion. But, you most probably will be disappointed because most employers aware of "fake degree" and they will double check your degree's credential if they feel suspicious about your degree.

How To Confirm The Accreditation Of Online University

The best place to check for accreditation of an online university is from a database provided by U.S Department of Education. OPE.ED.GOV is the website of accreditation database that brought to you by the U.S. Department of Education. If you can't find your selected online university from the accreditation database, it's better not to signup the online degree program from that university than taking the risk to be the diploma mill's victim.

In Summary

"Accreditation" alone can't determine the credential of an online university; you should ensure that the "accreditation" is provided by an accreditation agency that is recognized by U.S Department of Education. Always check out the credentials of an online degree program before you enrolling, this is to ensure the degree you earn through online university is recognized by employers.

Back To Study With An Online Degree Program

Since you started your career after graduation from college, you are working hard to build your career to a success level. World is changing every moment and technology change every second, more and more students are out from colleges to compete the same career opportunities with yours.

Hence, you need to continue upgrade yourself to be competence enough to face the challenges. Your busy career schedule won't allow you to go back to traditional school to gain the latest knowledge to support in your career moves. Fortunately, online degree program makes it possible for you to achieve your education goal while continue your movement in your career path.

Online degree programs have been designed to fit the busy schedule of working individual to earn a degree at the most comfort home environment and in the most flexible schedule. While many traditional "brick & mortar" universities had made their degree programs available online, more and more prestige online universities that are accredited by accreditation agencies recognized by U.S Department of Education offer various degrees that cover degree level from online associates degree to bachelor, master and doctorate degree and topic from business, computer, engineering, health care & etc. You should able to find one that meets your career requirement.

Advantages of Taking Your Education Online
The key factors that make online degree programs become popular and most accepted by many working individual who are seeking to continue their education either for career advancement or job promotion includes:

1. Freedom to Learn From Your Comfort Environment
You do not need to drive all the way to university to attend the classes. Turn on your computer/laptop and modem that connect you to the university online learning system, you can start your learning right away. Hence, you can choose to enroll into any online degree program offer by your favorite school without the need to consider where the university is located.

2. Reduced Material Costs & Easy Access To Learning Material
One of the e-learning advantages is most of textbook and learning materials are in electronic format and online library is just a finger click away. This will reduced your expenses for book, computer software and other material costs. And as an online student to a university, you can access the university online library from your computer, allows you to have easy access to the learning resources you need.

3. Flexible Learning Environment
Many online courses are self-paced and you can arrange your learning schedule to fit into your working hours. You can always choose to speed up if you have more free time and slow down your learning process if you are busy with your work. You make the call to complete your degree in the duration that fit into your time schedule.

4. Save Money & Time
Time is so important because you need it to build your career to a success level and online degree program allow you to save not just money but also the most valuable time. It saves your time by cutting out commuting, parking, traveling time and saves your money in term of transportation costs, meal and childcare and more.

In Summary
Online degree programs have created a different learning environment where you can gain new knowledge and equip yourself with the required skills that can help in your career move without the need to give up your job.