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Is it ethical and legal to buy a custom written or pre-written essay?

I believe it is ethical to use the custom essay writing services. You do not still anything, you pay enough fair price for the service you use, you simply delegate the part of your work and can concentrate on what really matters to you. You are free to get an outside help and delegate your writing assignments to professional writers same as if you would get your watches fixed or car repaired by third party experts.

During my study I had several courses that I considered to be absolutely useless, I loved my major and make all writing assignments myself, but I hated Compositions, where you need to write some blah-blah-blah about your personal experiences and make 5 revisions polishing your work. I always ordered papers in such cases and haven't experienced any ethical problems with that. Instead of distressing myself I could concentrate on what I really liked.

I did some research to find out is it legal to buy essays, term papers, etc. I personally have never experienced any legal problems with using such services. I did have problems when some "trustful" custom essay writing services provided me with plagiarized papers, but it never caused any legal problems.

From what I have researched I found that it can be a problem for companies that provide the service, especially for paper mills. Some states have statutes against the sale of a "term paper, essay, report, thesis or dissertation" to students. But you, as a student, cannot be detected if you use trustful custom essay writing service and you will not have any legal problems, they keep all information private.

Public education sponsor

Private education is considered to be an option for the privileged and for those who are willing to bear the extra expenses. However many parents send their children to be educated in a public education system as the education obtained here can be equally effective and appealing. Today, brilliant children can also have significant scope for the development of their skills due to the sponsorship programs for public education.

The need for a sponsorship program:

Though the public schools and colleges are much more affordable as compared to private institutes, they do need help from time to time. This need is prominently felt in countries like Africa, India, Bangladesh and many others, where government funds can be short. Many of these public schools therefore depend on funds obtained from generous minded sponsors. Thus, welfare organizations, businessman, rich corporate companies can step forward to support the efforts of the government through their sponsorship and funds.

Supporting public education:

There is sometimes a very prominent misconception that public education system does not need a sponsorship program because of the backing of the government. However, these funds in themselves are insufficient and can lead to a dearth of essential requirements and accessories. During this time sponsors can step in to lend their support and enthusiasm to the children studying in public education system. Thus, sponsors can cover the cost of the maintenance of buildings, of making available necessary accessories like study material, benches, playground facilities, sports facilities etc. thus, the sponsors can touch the lives of millions of school children in a number of ways.

Some sponsors also formulate their own scholarship programs which aim both to single out the extremely talented and hard working candidates, as well as to give them a chance of succeeding in their chosen path with the availability of all necessary facilities. The sponsors can also take on the responsibility of overseeing the higher education of such brilliant pupils. Sponsored public education systems also try and do their bit to acknowledge the gratitude of the sponsors. They do this by crediting the sponsors’ with a plaque, a certificate of appreciation or through open acknowledgement of the efforts of the sponsors. Some sponsors however refrain from getting the credit for the same.

Thus, overall, the sponsors can help a great deal and can contribute their bit to enhance the quality of the public education system of a country.

4 Tips To Choose Your College Degree In Line With Your Career Goal

Are you going to college just for fun? I guess not. You want to earn a college degree so that you get a good start in your career path after graduation. This is most of college students' goal. Hence, it is important to consider what the degree to pursue and which courses to be taken so that your college's degree will help you the most when you start your career after graduation. Here are 4 tips to choose your college degree that in-line with your career goal.

1. Choosing a Career

In deciding what college degree to pursue, you can work backward by determine first what career you intend to involve after earning your degree. You may choose a hot career which gets the best starting salary for fresh graduates. But, be alert that a hot job will not be so hot forever and in demand in next 10 years. You may want to consider factors such as projected job market move for the selected career, salary increment rate, long-range opportunities and type of skills required; lastly type of career you are dreaming for.

2. Choose Double Majors Or Major/Minor Combination

You may choose a double major primarily for academic/intellectual purpose. Most employers do not place a premium on a double major. You may need extra one or two semesters to obtain a second major and it does not particularly enhance your degree marketability except for some special cases such as a chemistry technical writer preferred students with a double major in English & Chemistry or a health policy and business major for a job as hospital administrator. Hence, you decide whether the career you plan for is really required you to have a double major; if not, you may want to save the extra one or two semesters and start your career earlier.

3. Choose A College Degree With Course That Meet Your Career Goal

Many colleges are offering same degree program that meet your requirement. But, be alert that although each college degree program is named the same, their courses may be different; some courses may have a specialization area to focus in while others may teach on general topics. Hence, you need to carefully read through the details of each course offered in the college degree program before you decide one to go for. The best option is the one with the most courses that in line with your career goal.

4. Earn Your Degree Online Or Offline

Although earning your degree online is the most convenient way of study because of it's flexibility of study at your own pace, not all students will be successful be an online students. Hence, online education might not be your call if you are not right candidate for online education. Be sure to know which channel to pursue your degree, online or offline. If you prefer to go for online college degree, be sure to evaluate yourself to ensure that online education is right for you. Many colleges have a self assessment to test whether you are suitable to pursue your degree online.


Hopeful the above 4 tips will trigger your mind when you are planning for college degree and choose a degree that you like and in-line with your career goal.

Mastering Student Loans: Canada Student Loans, Help For Grad School

While there are many resources available for Bachelor's level students there is somewhat less available for graduate students. Aside from fellowships and scholarships, there are few other grant resources available. This means that loans are a key to financing graduate school.

Canada Student Loans

Residents of Canada have an option that is both reliable and affordable. Canada student loans provides graduate students the same low interest terms as undergraduates with many repayment options to insure that no student need default.

Before 2001, the loans were administered through private lending institutions and guaranteed by the government. Since 2001, The Student Support Branch, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, branch of the Canadian federal government administers all student loans. They insure that each student receives equal and fair treatment as well as equal and fair access to higher education.

Canada student loans, like other student loans are set at a low rate of interest and are scheduled for beginning repayment six months after graduation. In addition to this, students are required each year to check in with the loan agency to insure they are still enrolled in school.


The real advantage of these loans comes at the repayment end. Canada student loans offer many options for students who have difficulty in repayment. As long as the loan remains out of default Canada student loans are ready to work with the student in repayment.

The government takes into account many factors when deciding how to work with their payees. Those who find themselves on permanent disability can, under the right circumstances, have their debt forgiven. In addition to this, the program offers reductions in principle up to $26,000 dollars over the life of the loan for those who meet the necessary criteria.

Also, payment deferral and interest deferral are options. Payment deferral can be as much as six months, with interest not accruing. Any payment made during this time goes toward the principle. During this time, the government pays the interest on the loan.

The two main requirements other than income are that the loan not be in default and any late payments be brought up to date with interest.

Higher Education Is Never Out of Reach

Many students look at graduate school and despair of ever being able to attend. This need not be. Canada student loans provide a way for the student to focus on their academics and less on their finances.

Anthropology papers

Writing this type of paper is educational and should be normally different from writing for a simple presentation or giving out ideas for a work.

Writing a piece of work like this should be an easy task and can take the following course:

The work should start with one or two paragraphs outlining a theoretical or conceptual framework on the issue or issues you are writing on. This should normally be like a summing up of the whole work so that any person who reads gets a total picture of what is in the paper. Also include in the abstract, any question or particular point that you might want to address.

Next is the organization or the body of the work. Although it must not be a repetition to students, it is recommended that every point should have a separate paragraph and where possible, linking sentences must string one paragraph to another. Your opening paragraph must be based on what your topic tells of. Be careful not to get off the point or change the subject matter.

If you intend to make the write-up long, then you must use subtitles or headings. Your title is the key to your work. It should be clear, exact and appealing. This will not only present the different issues to be discussed, but equally gives an organization to your work. Remember that physical presentation of the work is something that draws the attention of the reader and equally what makes him want to go to the next page. The wordings, graphs and tables (if any) must be clear and free from verbose words. Take note that you are not out for a show of words. Nevertheless, an anthropologist must use anthropological words. Without words that are familiar to the course, the paper falls short of a subject paper.

In writing a piece of work that gives an idea about the study of mankind, recourse to available materials can be from anywhere of your choosing. You can make references to books, journals or consultations. Thus you must acknowledge the sources of your material. All borrowed words must appear in quotes and books and their illustrations must be cited properly. Alternatively, you can paraphrase borrowed ideas and at the same time, give credit to where they come from. You are a student and your repute counts now and tomorrow. So do not copy the works of others without permission.

If you want your reader to go over the work uninterrupted, it is advisable to used endnotes in place of footnotes. This is because footnotes always convey extra messages and will tend to be time-consuming to a reader. Why not allow him to go through and read this extra information at the end of the work.

Conclusions are decisive parts in any anthropological paper. This is where your reader or teacher gets to know what position you have taken. This is where you answer any question raised in the paper. In your closing remarks, it will be good to give the opinion of authors or individuals and then give your own opinion or answer to the question. You must be creative. You can equally contribute to learning through your own ideas. Keep in mind that your opinions count. With the work done, you can add endnotes and cite references to your work.

Anthropology papers ought to be pleasing, attractive and convincing to any reader when read. Thus carefully read out the work to yourself or get someone to read the work to see if it is appealing. His remarks may amount to some amendments that could make your document pleasing and attractive to any reader.

Check Out Credentials of Online Degree Program before Enrolling

While you are searching for online degree programs, I am sure you definitely come across many articles or information regarding diploma mill. Many advices and tips from these information pages teach you how to identify for potential diploma mill and avoid yourself from dropping into diploma mills' trap. But unfortunately, diploma mills are still making their profit from many online students that enrolled into their online degree programs.

Many who signup for diploma mills' online degree program do not do their homework, they do not check out the credentials of online degree program before enrolling. Don't let this happen to you; you are responsible to ensure the degree that you earn online is accredited by property accreditation agencies and recognized in the job market.

Your need to spend some time to confirm the credentials of online degree program before you sign up any of online degree program. Put yourself on high alert for diploma mill signals even if it looks too good to be true and it looks like a reputable online university. Previously, "Accreditation" is the keyword that differential the reputable of online university with diploma mill but now you can't depend on this keyword alone, more home work need to be done.

Beware If Online University Is Accredited

It's sound weird, right? You may think that as long as the online university is accredited by an accreditation agency, it should be find to enroll into their online degree program. In actual fact, your thinking is just correct partly because many diploma mills also claimed that they are accredited. Diploma mills know that those who are looking for online degree programs will definite will ask for accreditation, almost all diploma mills are accredited.

But be aware that they may be accredited by a fake accreditation agency just to create confidence to their prospects. Hence, in determining an online university is reputable, the first thing is to make sure that the school is not only accredited, but accredited and recognized by the U.S Department of Education.

Fake Degree Won't Help In Your Career

If you did not do your homework to check the credentials of the online degree program and sign up with it. After a short period time of easy learning process (online degree programs offered by diploma mill always easy and can be completed within extremely short period of time), you earn your "fake" degree and hoping that it will in help in your career advancement or job promotion. But, you most probably will be disappointed because most employers aware of "fake degree" and they will double check your degree's credential if they feel suspicious about your degree.

How To Confirm The Accreditation Of Online University

The best place to check for accreditation of an online university is from a database provided by U.S Department of Education. OPE.ED.GOV is the website of accreditation database that brought to you by the U.S. Department of Education. If you can't find your selected online university from the accreditation database, it's better not to signup the online degree program from that university than taking the risk to be the diploma mill's victim.

In Summary

"Accreditation" alone can't determine the credential of an online university; you should ensure that the "accreditation" is provided by an accreditation agency that is recognized by U.S Department of Education. Always check out the credentials of an online degree program before you enrolling, this is to ensure the degree you earn through online university is recognized by employers.

Back To Study With An Online Degree Program

Since you started your career after graduation from college, you are working hard to build your career to a success level. World is changing every moment and technology change every second, more and more students are out from colleges to compete the same career opportunities with yours.

Hence, you need to continue upgrade yourself to be competence enough to face the challenges. Your busy career schedule won't allow you to go back to traditional school to gain the latest knowledge to support in your career moves. Fortunately, online degree program makes it possible for you to achieve your education goal while continue your movement in your career path.

Online degree programs have been designed to fit the busy schedule of working individual to earn a degree at the most comfort home environment and in the most flexible schedule. While many traditional "brick & mortar" universities had made their degree programs available online, more and more prestige online universities that are accredited by accreditation agencies recognized by U.S Department of Education offer various degrees that cover degree level from online associates degree to bachelor, master and doctorate degree and topic from business, computer, engineering, health care & etc. You should able to find one that meets your career requirement.

Advantages of Taking Your Education Online
The key factors that make online degree programs become popular and most accepted by many working individual who are seeking to continue their education either for career advancement or job promotion includes:

1. Freedom to Learn From Your Comfort Environment
You do not need to drive all the way to university to attend the classes. Turn on your computer/laptop and modem that connect you to the university online learning system, you can start your learning right away. Hence, you can choose to enroll into any online degree program offer by your favorite school without the need to consider where the university is located.

2. Reduced Material Costs & Easy Access To Learning Material
One of the e-learning advantages is most of textbook and learning materials are in electronic format and online library is just a finger click away. This will reduced your expenses for book, computer software and other material costs. And as an online student to a university, you can access the university online library from your computer, allows you to have easy access to the learning resources you need.

3. Flexible Learning Environment
Many online courses are self-paced and you can arrange your learning schedule to fit into your working hours. You can always choose to speed up if you have more free time and slow down your learning process if you are busy with your work. You make the call to complete your degree in the duration that fit into your time schedule.

4. Save Money & Time
Time is so important because you need it to build your career to a success level and online degree program allow you to save not just money but also the most valuable time. It saves your time by cutting out commuting, parking, traveling time and saves your money in term of transportation costs, meal and childcare and more.

In Summary
Online degree programs have created a different learning environment where you can gain new knowledge and equip yourself with the required skills that can help in your career move without the need to give up your job.

The Global Student Comes of Age

International study is an important part of equipping yourself to handle a career in an increasingly globally interdependent world. The number of students studying abroad has been growing every year. This is inevitable as the world becomes smaller and it is easier to get from one place to another.

The study abroad experience is no longer restricted to the typical “junior year abroad”. Not only are students considering full-time options but also looking at specialized programs, distance education or summer study programs that they can enrol at in a university abroad. Many people even go back to study while midway in their careers. New destinations have also opened up and it has become par for the course to consider study options in places like Asia and South America. Students are increasingly going to study in non-traditional destinations, and increasingly to non English-speaking countries.

For example, students pick countries like China and India for the educational experience as well as the cultural expansion that such countries offer. They are able to learn new languages and skills that would otherwise not be available to them. The world is truly getting flatter as Thomas Friedman has noted in his renowned book, and international study is a key component of this flattening.

Governments are also extending more encouragement and support to international students than ever before. In the US, for example, the Fulbright US Student Program, the Gilman Scholarships for undergraduates with financial need, and new National Security Language Initiative programs focused on language learning are just some of the well-known scholarships available.

According to the Open Doors report on international educational exchange 2006, the 20 most popular destinations for study abroad are United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Mexico, Germany, China, Ireland, Costa Rica, Japan, Austria, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Greece, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and India. Of these, only five are primarily English-speaking, and most are located outside Western Europe. The Open Doors report is published by the Institute of International Education, the leading not-for-profit educational and cultural exchange organization in the United States. While the report is reflective only of American students, it can be taken to be broadly indicative of the trend in other countries as well.

Open Doors 2006 data also reveals that the largest growth area is short-term study. This means that a majority of US students are electing summer study programs or other programs last for less than a semester. Summer study programs offer increased flexibility for those who are not able to make the kind of time commitment that a full time course would require.

The range of reasons why a particular international student might chose one destination country over another for study is quite wide and includes the perceived quality and reputation of the country’s education provision, its accessibility, affordability and the employability of the qualification obtained.

Countries are taking a keen interest in this area as a one of booming growth. Regular education fairs, national marketing strategies, easier immigration policies, an increase in programs in English and regional education hubs are some of the ways in which they are trying to lure the new generation of international students. These young people, for whom borders are meant to be crossed and ‘global citizen’ is more than a buzzword, are defining a new educational ethos across the world.

Strengthen your mind—and your resume!

Are there times when you’ve wondered if there’s more to life than lolling around on a hammock through the long months of vacation? Are you curious about other countries and cultures? Are you keen on ‘making a difference’ in some way? Then, volunteer work abroad may be the perfect option for you. Volunteering to work in a social development project abroad expands your mind, boosts your career prospects and lets you spend your time in a way that is fulfilling.

Volunteering abroad gives you invaluable knowledge and exposure not only about the intricacies of a particular area of social development but also about a wholly different culture and people. It makes you stronger, more open-minded and adds to perspective in many ways.

Apart from learning how a professional organization functions, you will spend your time constructively by learning new skills and strengthening your resume. More and more, organizations are looking at volunteer work experience as evidence of a well-rounded personality, capable of hard work (and sometimes, hardship) who will be able to work well in a team and roll with the punches if necessary.

Volunteer work also gives you a chance to to share your skills and teach others what you are best at. There is enough need in the world to accommodate different types of skills and no matter what you’re good at—writing, sketching, organizing, teaching—there is some project out there that is looking for exactly those skills. Working for a social cause also invariably leads to increased self-confidence and personal satisfaction because you are helping others and contributing to society in a meaningful way.

Volunteering abroad is also a good way to explore different career options. You can venture into an area without the fear of making a long-term commitment. It will give you a chance to explore your capabilities, experiment with what you are good at or pursue what interests you the most.

There are many areas of social development: poverty, education, child welfare, women’s rights, rural development, environmental conservation are a few of the common ones. It is important to choose the area you want to work in after careful consideration of factors such as your particular skills and interests, what you feel passionate about, where you would like to work, and how it will tie in with your goals in the future.

For example, if you want to specialize in environmental studies later on, it makes sense to do volunteer work in the same area. On the other hand, if you are planning to do a Phd on watershed management at some point, you may want to look at rural development projects.

There are many websites that offer detailed and comprehensive information on such projects and help you make the correct choice in terms of a volunteer abroad program. There may also be consultants near where you live who will be able to help you in this regard. It’s also a good idea to sound off a teacher or mentor on your plans and take their advice in the matter. After all, if you are travelling halfway across the world to work for a cause, you should make sure that you choose wisely!

The Perfect Personal Statement

The candidates must be careful while drafting the personal statements. They must be able to give a good impression of their personality as well as details about them. They must not forget to mention their strengths in the statements. At the same time, they must see that they do not boast of themselves. They must start their personal statement by explaining the reasons for choosing a particular course. If one is smart enough, then, he or she must be able to show that they have already researched about the particular course. The candidates must also include their interests, hobbies, responsibilities they have had at their schools and their strengths like communication skills, team work and so on. It is always better if the candidates are able to mention their expectations from the university.

Though writing a personal statement can be the most satisfying or frustrating experience for anyone, the essay provides an additional proof of one’s know-how and acumen. One needs creativity to draft a perfect personal statement. With the help of the personal statement, one should be able to place their academic record into the context of their opportunities and hindrances. The perfect personal statement should discuss the reasons for choosing the course. If a candidate has opted for different courses, then they must be able to justify the reasons for opting different courses. Here, the candidates can talk about their career aspirations. You must convince the officers that you have the necessary skills to do a course in a university.

So far, there is no one proper way to draft a personal statement. Generally, the academic officers who read your personal statement will look into two important things: the first being the way in which you have mentioned your achievements that have not been reflected in any other part of your application; the second thing is the circumstances which you feel have shaped your attitude, focus and acumen. You should draft your personal statement in such a way that it gives an accurate portrait of who you are and why that particular course is important for you. With the help of this statement, the candidate must be able to go beyond academic achievements and show the officers their various strengths.

A good personal statement allows the reader, i.e. the academic officers, to differentiate the particular candidate from the rest of the applicants. The statement is perfect only if it reflects your personal life accurately and only if you are honest. The perfect personal statement that is appealing and accurate can increase your chances of acceptance in the university or colleges.

Before drafting the final copy of the statement, one must prepare an outline and create a rough copy. The candidates must answer all the questions and ensure that they have a proper theme in the statement. If the candidates claim of any achievement or strength, they must be able support their claims. They must stand unique from other candidates with the help of the statement. The personal statements should not be dumped with words or sentences. It should be clear, concise and easy to read. It should be a mixture of short and long sentences. It is always best if you are honest, confident, interesting and positive in your statement. The essay you have written must be organized, logical, consistent and coherent. One must not forget that a good personal statement includes examples from one’s own life experiences.

One must not commit grammatical mistakes or spelling errors while drafting a personal statement. The statement should not be wordy or have too many jargons. If the statement uses slang, then it would give you a personal touch. The statement should not be boring nor generalize any of the facts. One should not use clichés or gimmicks while drafting a personal statement. Besides, one should not be arrogant or complain or preach in their statement. Above all, one should verify the statement before sending it to the universities.


College admission essay is a form of evaluating your eligibility for admissions into college. This is one of the requirements for you to be admitted, so your best should be given as input. Here are some tips that can help you gain admission into college through essay writing:

Drop off anxiety. It is true that you are about to go to college and you may be very anxious about the life you will live as a college student. Being too anxious may have an effect on your essay. Anxiety means that you may not have the time to carve out a good application. You may therefore be tempted to buy ready-made papers. Take note that this anxiety is not peculiar to you alone. Others feel like you and the danger is that examining officials are used to and have gone through such essays. You do not know if yours may be a carbon copy of an essay that is in front of their desk. Relax and be yourself. Only an essay that represents you will be able to convince an examiner that you are worthy for admission. Do not be adventurous because you may miss the opportunity of being admitted and may bear the pain of waiting for another academic year to come by.

A college admission script has two things to take care of. It must bring out what qualities you have as a student, how these features can be carried to college and what you can do when given an opportunity to write.

Do not be too lengthy in you words. Keep in mind that, there are so many others like you seeking admission into college. The admission officers have very little time to make a selection, consequently, very little time to read over your paper. This time limitation should compel you to use your creativity, which is another great quality that will be checked for. As an applicant, write about something that makes you animated, something that you are really fanatical about. If you are writing about an event, write about what you took home from the event and do not dwell much on the event. The real happenings are not as significant as what you learned from the event or how the event changed you.

Any topic can do for your admission paper. Do not be misled to think that only flashy headings can capture the mind of examiners. Not every admission paper requires a heading that implies a spectacular event. All you need is to come up with a constructive piece of work no matter that it is from an inconsequential event. It is very obvious that most prospective students end up saying nothing about fabulous topics.

A college admission essay has organization as one of the principal requirements sought by the examining body. College is not for everybody. It is for those who show evidence of personal organization. You will one day go to higher heights in academics. The composure you show today will be required for the success ahead of you. If you cannot be admitted to college, how do you think you can achieve these ambitions? Your ideas should be presented in an orderly manner. Your paper is you seen from another angle. Thus help your examiners to see you better.

Best College Essays

There are two things that an instructor needs in any standard essay. The instructor wants to know your aptitude to write as a college student and your mastery of the language. Knowledge of the language will not mean your vocabulary skills. So take out your ability to be able to spin through thesaurus. The language sought is your ability to appreciate and compose sentences and paragraphs. A landmark essay should also be brief and should be more than a narration.

If students want their essays to be best, they should think of writing on a topic that they are really concerned about. You should talk of something that you can do as a student, not about something that you plan to do on finishing college. Avoid writing on things of personal experience or recalling an event or encounter that you were a party to.

What is expected to be read from best college papers? Abilities, inquisitiveness, enthusiasms, determinations are the prime topic of excellent college papers. Take note that a writer must not state that he or she is able, inquisitive, and enthusiastic or determine to do things. Your composition and the choice of words you use are what brings out these elements. Writing involves a mental act that cannot be prearranged. Do not be afraid to take your thoughts into strange directions. When you are aiming for your paper to be topmost, do not write putting in mind the notion of a stereotype answer. Write with an active voice and write with your own voice. Write what you know, rather than something you heard from someone.

Well organized and logically presented papers are best expected for college students. Your ability to think critically and to write convincingly will be put to the test. Go straight to the point and start with a strong opening which takes hold of the attention of the reader and do not drift away from the main topic as you write along. If you use examples to illustrate what you write, make sure they are directly related to the main topic.

The use of correct grammar is a powerful advice. Mastery of the language is must in any academic competition. Proper use of grammar will make your paper unambiguous. No examiner will sift the words on your behalf or imply what you wanted to write. He or she is giving judgment based on the evidence presented before him. Bad grammar tells that you cared less in composing that paper and you cannot expect to gain credit, let alone consider your paper for a top position.

Best college essays are concerned more on the subject of how a student writes and what he has in support of a given topic. An excellent writing that is a replica of a well developed thought or any paper that represent the above facets is worth the pain of making admirable college compositions.

College Admission Essay Example

College admission essay example is a research paper that enables students to get an exhaustive appreciation of the paper that they are writing upon. The college curriculum requires that a student must put up a paper or an essay as part of a continuous assessment of college work. Thus, the student needs help to carefully research on the topic he or she has at hand, evidence to convince the readers and a manner to make the work appear scholastic. This is what it actually takes to write a paper used for seeking admission to college. An example paper has different capacities. These will all depend on the subject or discipline involved. This paper makes possible for the student to build up a mastery over the paper he has to write.

An example of a college admission paper has some characteristics. There is a heading page, an introduction, a body and a conclusion. One thing noticeable with this type of example paper is that it is not written for submission. It is only a demonstration. Hence, a viewer should not fall into the temptation of copying this paper for onward presentation to an examiner.

What is the rationale behind this paper? It has been observed that most students go into college with a complete reliance on the writing help they received in high school. You have experienced a change in academic status and your former writing style must give way to a new one. This type of paper should therefore tell you what college writing is all about.

An example paper should be scholastic, that is, the topic should be educative and has something to investigate about, it should have a format for college papers and it should have something to enrich the academic world. Be careful to watch out for these aspects when you view example papers. That is what guides the admission committee. When you look at an example script, make sure that all the paragraphs have some relevance to the main and sub topics. How do you know this? The contents of this paper must be more than what you know in high school. You must make a differentiation between what you knew in high school and what you know about high school from what you think or know about college. If such a sample paper does not make this differentiation, then it cannot be relied upon as a guidance to write an admission paper. Also keep in mind that these papers are mostly available on the net and those that profess to give qualitative papers may never have a verifiable competence and experience to compose these papers.

College admission essay example should never be solely relied upon by students seeking for admissions into college. Every college or program has its own form of determining admittance for prospective students. Even through essay writings, there are still differences. While some colleges will require you to prepare an admission paper at home, some will prefer that such essay papers are done in the school premises and under certain conditions. This will of course be considered as timed writings and the setting under which you write will be similar to an examination setting.

Getting a Non-Fake Degree Online

The Online Source
Having researched the online education for many years I have found out some reliable sources like Ashwood University, Rochville University and Belford University give away affordable degrees that are recognized universities.

These universities and universities like these (accredited) can be found on the Online Accreditation Agencies which is the proof for the top accredited online universities. Here you will find the top educational organization and information about their services.

How Can They Be Affordable Yet Reliable?
This is a question that will come to many peoples mind when they will go to affordable degrees. This is because of the program in our mind that calls out those economical things are not reliable, so the next thing that comes to their mind is if it’s an affordable degree it’s not reliable. Now I will tell you how this works.

Almost all degrees that are available online are affordable. This is because the institutes don’t have to spend hefty funds on the maintenance of infrastructure. So how can you tell a reliable degree from the one that is not? It can be done by checking if the institute that you are applying to is accredited. The good thing about the online educational institutes is that it only keeps those sites on its list that are accredited; hence it in a way saves your time while saving your money.

College Admission Essay Format

College admission essay format
College admission essay format is a design to make your essay appear impressive and professional. There are some guidelines that have been set by academic authorities to make your essay have an ideal presentation. These guidelines must be followed because they will be evaluated as part of the paper.

Formatting an admission paper begins with a good header. Your admission paper will require a title page. The titled page should contain on separated lines, centered and double spaced, the title of the paper and the writer’s name. The instructor’s name and the course name are left out since this is not a work for class presentation. Most admission papers are not necessary to be started using outlines. But if you use an outline to commence the paper, the outline should be typed on the centre of the page one inch from the top and double-space the outline to fit the first line of the text. Take note that the outline should appear in short sentence form rather than in the shorter topic form. It is a skeleton of the admission paper.

Number all pages of your paper. If you use the MLA format, number all pages after the title page in the upper right hand corner, half an inch from the top. The outline pages should be number with small Roman numerals. Number the text pages with Arabic in the upper right hand corner. Begin the text one inch from the top and leave one inch margin at the bottom and sides of the paper.

You will normally be given word or page limits. Respect these limits even if you think you have something very important to write about. If you go beyond these limits, the rest of the work will be discarded.

If you are not given a particular font style, use the clear formatting. This will require a twelve point font size using times new roman.

The paper must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. There will be so many admission essays to be viewed by instructors and if your paper fails to meet these standards, they will be nervous and may end up giving poor grades or even shoving your paper aside. Nothing should be taken with delight because there is no room for making corrections. The only available correction is that you will not be admitted into that particular college.

The requirement of typing out your paper should not be repeated. Almost all admission essays are typed out. This will allow for an easy reading of your essay. Most teachers are so obsessed about the handwritings of students. Anything boring or not visible will receive little or no attention. Take note that at times, you may even find it difficult to read what you have written.

College admission essay format has a lot of ins and outs to cater for. In researching and writing this paper, you will not only draw inspirations from library research techniques, but also ask from your teachers or get help from parents. There are different styles such as the MLA, APA, and CBE etc. It is of the student’s interest to have an insight into all these styles of writing and know what path his or her curriculum takes.

College Essay Samples

College essay samples writing is not for an academic presentation. This is a paper that is solely used for marketing purposes and this is mostly done through the internet. There are a lot of writing services over the internet which provides such samples for students to view before thinking of the option to buy.

Most samples are free of charge. In other cases, the service companies only provide part of the paper for view. They are aware that people can easily copy the whole essay and put out of their minds the thought of purchasing a complete paper. Such businesses are good but they should not be relied on by students.

Any right-thinking student or scholar should not think of viewing sample papers with the notion of purchasing them. Hard work is the key to academic success. We earlier mentioned that at every stage of the scholastic ladder, the student will be faced with writing such scripts. Does this equally mean that the student will be willing and ready to pay for example papers at all these stages? If you agree that through writing, you are educating yourself, then this is an unfair practice leading to self deceit.

Most standard example papers have been viewed by a lot of people and the inventive edition has already been sold to other customers. Therefore, there is no more the requirement of originality in what you are about to acquire. The writing services must of course know that it is unfair to sell an already sold paper to another client. Some have the motive of moneymaking, so they will simple put aside that fact.

Viewing and using illustration papers for academic purposes is a form of plagiarism. These materials belong to others and you must duly give credit to borrowed works.

At any point in school and for whatever purposes, it is unwise to pay for example scripts. Paying for this is one and the same thing as paying for marks. You are being credited for something you did not work for. This sounds the same as cheating and a far-sighted scholar will never want to ruin his or her intellectual standing.

An academic paper is a chance to express yourself, to bring in your individuality, aptitude, ideas and strengths to your teacher. It may be the only chance to show that you have the ability to think creatively and write clearly about your thoughts.

Do help yourself to that prospect. All these traits cannot be gotten from sample scripts. You may be deceiving the teacher that you possess these qualities, whereas an oral examination will only prove your mediocre nature. Stand upright and believe in yourself. You can write a paper on your own and even now.

College essay samples are everywhere over the internet and in numerous subjects. Run through search engines and you will be able to view a portion or a whole of the paper. You will be offered to buy a paper on any subject. The sample is there to give you an impression on the quality of the paper. But be careful of plagiarism.

An article on International high school

Education is one thing for which everyone craves for. It is said that if you want to achieve success in life and climb the ladder of success then education is the stepping stone. This is the reason why schools are so important. Seeing this importance of schools various international high schools have cropped up round the globe. But it’s the Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) which heads the list. YCEF has established array of Chinese international schools in China for providing quality education to the domestic as well as the international students. They have made groundbreaking accomplishments on the grounds of education and are continuously striving hard to provide quality education to the students.

They believe in nurturing today’s raw talent into tomorrow’s leader. If we talk about importance of high school in a child’s career we come to know that, it is the stepping stone of his or her bright future. These international schools show the right way to the students so that they can unleash their inner strength. This is the reason why high school education is known as building block of the career.

In 1932 itself YCEF conquered this policy and started working on this ground. Slowly and gradually they established various international schools providing best education. Their each and every school has got the best state of the art facility one aspires for. In short span of time YCEF has come a long way and established various Chinese international schools such as Yew Chung International School (Secondary), Yew Chung Arts and Language Centre, Yew Chung International School of Hong Kong, Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, Yew Chung International School of Beijing, Yew Chung International School of Chongqing, Yew Chung International School of Qingdao and many more.

These international high schools are equipped with all the basic facilities one looks for. Whether that provided facility is in terms of education or sports. Giving quality education isn’t an easy task as it requires years of planning and hefty infrastructure. But YCEF has managed the both and has excelled in providing best and quality education.

The main highlight of Yew Chung International Schools is that they stand on the World Classroom program in which students are prepared to effectively participate in the new global society that is a world characterized by cross-cultural interaction, dynamic change and global interdependence. Thus, Yew Chung International School is the best place for shaping your ward’s bright future.

All About Government Student Loans

College is the pathway to a great career. It is also where kids are made into adults in everyday from physical development to emotional development. So it is quite important that kids go to college to get the best start to their future. However, everyone knows that college is super expensive though. Most state colleges run about ten thousand dollars a year and most parents can´t pull that kind of money out of their behinds. Some students have to pay for college themselves and they definitely know how hard it is to afford school and support themselves. Government student loans are available to those who need some assistance financially while going to school.

It would be a big shame if someone couldn´t go to school because they couldn´t afford it. There is so many different options out there for people to go to school. Government student loans are offered to students who need extra money to pay for books, classes, or school supplies. Some other government student loans are in place to help students with living expenses such as rent and food. If this sounds all good and dandy to you, you should check with your school´s financial department to see what loans you qualify for. It is really easy to apply for a loan, and you can get multiple loans if necessary. This way you can comfortably live and go to school while paying the money back over an extended period of time. Not only do you get a length of time to pay back your loans, but it also helps with establishing and building your credit score. So in the end, you get to go to school, survive by having a place to live and food to eat, and you get to establish some credit history. It really is a win win in the end.

So if your one of those individuals who thinks college is to expensive or isn´t important, well think again. College builds a platform and gives you credentials while trying to get a real job in the real world. College is expensive, but with government student loans, it is affordable. So check it out if you need to.

The Importance of Contacts

A good contacts book sets you apart from your rivals. Radio journalism is about finding the right person to say the right things – fast and first. If you have a good contacts book, you have a better chance of getting that great interview before anyone else. You’ll impress your news editor and your rivals and that may mean a better job and more money! Contacts are your living. I promise: - your contacts book can be the difference between you and dozens of radio journos like you. So, develop a great contacts book. Guard it with your life. Don’t let your colleagues borrow it, and never share a personal contact.

A good contact can give you the stories than no-one else gets; can provide valuable background to stories; can suggest people better equipped to answer your questions. In the world of rolling news, contacts can give you instant informed opinion and reaction.

‘Where do I find them – these ‘real people’ contacts?’ is a common question from my National Broadcasting School students. Answer? - they’re all around you.

Let me explain. Everyone – and I mean ‘everyone’ - has something interesting to say, something useful for a journalist – an experience, information, an opinion. Sometimes, you have to dig a bit. They may not think their story is interesting because they’ve lived with it but, to you and your listeners, it’s fresh. Your job is to find those stories. So, talk to people. Show an interest in them. Try to discover their passion, their humour, their experiences, their knowledge, their sadness, their highs and lows – perhaps even their skeletons. I promise you that you won’t find out unless you invest time in talking with people, asking them questions. Engage with friends, relatives, friends of relatives, strangers. Chat to people at the bus stop or at your pub.

Two examples: It’s a hot day in the summer of 2006. I’m sitting at a street café in Brighton. Two elderly ladies with strong Lancashire accents arrive and sit next to me. It’s a squash and one apologises for sitting on my bag. They’re lively and chatty and we get talking. They’re visiting Brighton for the first time since 1952 - the year they worked here as chorus girls in a saucy stage show. That meant, they say, removing as many clothes for the audience as the law and decency allowed. It was a morning of wonderful stories, sound-tracked by gales of laughter, that later made what I thought was a brilliant recording.

Second example. I’m a smoker. I don’t mind being driven out of public places to smoke on the street because it’s been a wonderful opportunity to share a few minutes with new ‘real’ people. Result? New contacts with whom I’ve shared a sort of ‘behind-the-bike-shed’ experience! Over time, I have built a bond with some of them. They know they can trust me: - the nurse who talked to me about cleaning (or lack of it) in the local hospital; the security guard at the Crown court; the woman exiled from Zimbabwe for political reasons. It’s a non-stop supply of great stories. I’m not suggesting that you take up (or continue) smoking but shared experiences – the pub, sport and so on – are your chance to meet ‘real people’ who you can add to your contacts book. It doesn’t matter if a new contact is instantly relevant or usable. Log them in your contacts book and, one day, you may be grateful.

So, listen. Don’t be frightened. Be forward. Be friendly. Be polite and be nosey! And don’t be afraid to ask for an address and number.

Finding The Right College

What are these questions you need to ask, when you are staring at shiny brochures and university and colelge websites which offer little or next to no real information?

For starters, you need to match your needs against your resources and talents. As in, which colleges do you want to go to, as opposed to which colleges are, on paper, ready to take you, and lastly - Which colleges can you actually get in to?

First, the quality of education in the field of your choice. Some colleges are good at specific streams, such as law and business, others are good for the arts and so on. Therefore, considering that this is the topmost criterion for college selection, prepare a short-list of colleges which have an excellent reputation in your chosen field.

Next comes the question of which of these are willing, or able, to accept you as a student. Once you have this list comes the question of money. Do you, or your parents, have the financial capability to pay for the education? If not, does this college offer financial aid?

Once you have sorted out which ones you want to get into, which ones are willing to take you, and which ones you can pay for, there remains the question of life on campus. Best way to finalize a decision would be to visit all the colleges which made it into the final short-list.

Talk to current students, faculty, admission officers and anyone else you can find. Wander around the campus and see if you find the place comfortable and worth spending a lot of time in.

Searching for the right college is hard work. Nobody said it was easy. But it's way easier to spend your years in college, if you do the hard work now, rather than weeping over spilled milk after you enter the wrong college.

Good grades pay for college

Year after year, it seems that prices continue to go up on everything from milk to the cost of a college education. And that trend shows no potential of slowing down anytime soon. Many high school students have the desire to go to college, but the funds are not readily available. One way to get through the burden of tuition, fees and books is scholarships

A scholarship is a sum of money or other aid granted to a student, because of merit, need, etc., to pursue his or her studies. Scholarships range in amount and usually certain criteria must be met to receive them, but there are billions of dollars in scholarship money available every year. Unlike student loans, scholarships do not have to be paid back. Many scholarships go unrewarded because students simply don’t know they are available. As a student, scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for your undergraduate education, because they do not have to be paid back and many are renewable several times over.

There are many resources available to make your scholarship search easier. Start with deciding on a few schools you want to focus on attending, and then check with them to see what scholarships they have available. Typically, by the time you are looking for scholarships, many things such as test scores and grade point average are pretty well established. This will help reduce the clutter of scholarships you’re looking at. Because most scholarships have certain GPA and test scorer requirements, you can easily dismiss those that you are not qualified for or that don’t meet your needs. Check the web sites for the colleges you are looking for. Although most schools don’t list out scholarships on their site, they can get you the contact information for the college financial aid department. Another important resource available is to check out guaranteed scholarships. There are books available of every yearly scholarship offered from each college in the nation. These are helpful because they list the requirements out front.

Be sure to use all of your resources. School guidance counselors often have knowledge of the scholarships that are offered by some of the local and regional schools in that area. If you plan on attending a college farther away, information might be more challenging to find. Time definitely plays a big part in your search. The earlier you get started, the better off you are. Most scholarships have deadlines for application, so be sure to keep track of that when looking at multiple submissions. Once you’ve gotten your standardized test scores recorded, you can start applying for scholarships. Don’t be afraid to apply for multiple scholarships at the same school, since one scholarship typically won’t cover all your yearly expenses. Colleges also have scholarships available to students that are currently attending. If you score a decent GPA early on, you can likely increase your awards with general scholarships, or some available within your major field of study.

Quickly and easily apply for grants for your big idea

Students aren’t the only people that have a use for grants. Many of us have a great idea or a desire to get a business going. These types of things can be funded by grants. A grant is a giving of funds for a specific purpose. Grants do no have to be paid back to the giver, unlike loans. Grants can be given to you for buying a home, starting a business, home repairs, rent payment, mortgage payments, utility expenses, academic tutoring, clothing purchases, legal services, debt repayment and the list goes on. It might sound too good to be true; after all you don’t hear about free money being given away everyday without some sort of catch involved.

The one catch that can be found with grants, if any, is that there are so many to sort through. In some cases, one person can qualify for thousands of government grants at a given time. There are many resources available to help those that want to find the grants that are right for them. Several books have been published on this subject, and web sites are available all over the internet. One web site that provides a grant finding tool is GrantMasterCD.com. Grant Master is actually a software program that allows you to see what grants are available, and use the software to apply for them. Grant Master was created by Dr. John Porter, a licensed and certified grant writer.

Dr. Porter has spent over two decades developing the techniques included in his software, to help you find the grants that best meet your needs. Included in the software are tips and secrets the pros know, access to a personalized live chat, and Dr. Porter’s grant funding expertise. The Grant Master web site is incredibly straight forward and easy to navigate through.

As an added incentive, there is a couple on the home page of the site, showing their grant check and speaking about how easy it was to use the software to get their grant. Dr. Porter’s software also states that they’re the only company out there that offers guaranteed daily grants. Dr. Porter has helped thousands of people find free grant money quickly, easily giving maximum results with a minimum amount of effort.

The cost for the Grant Master software is on a trial basis at first. You only pay $1.97 in shipping for your free CD. There isn’t a lot of information on what the cost of the program is should you decide to keep it. The software also states you could get a check in as little as seven days.

It seems that even with no knowledge of the cost, the Grant Master software would more than pay for itself once you start receiving your grant checks. There are many resources available to help you find your path to free government money. Dr. John Porter has many years of experience in this field and can lead you to the government grant jackpot.

Uncle Sam can pay your way through college

Part of almost everyone’s college journey includes some form of financial aid. Financial aid can include government grants, federal student loans, private student loans and scholarships. Typically you can apply for scholarships with whatever school you plan to attend, but if you need help covering the excess, there are other steps that can be taken. One of the first steps for students would be to fill out a FAFSA (free application for federal student aid). Filling out a FAFSA allows you to see how much additional financial aid you qualify for. This universal document will allow you to send your information out to several colleges of your choice electronically. It will notify colleges of what funds you are eligible for. You can only receive funds at one school per academic year.

There are two sources for student loans – the federal government and private lenders. In most instances the FAFSA is required for all federal financial aid including federal student loans.

For those students entering college straight from high school, the FAFSA will need information from your parents’ financial background to assign what percentage of your educational expenses they should be able to cover. In instances of low income, government grants can come into play for funding your education. Grants do not have to be paid back at all. What grants and parents aren’t able to cover can usually be paid for by student loans and scholarships. Loans should be the last resort when funding a college education since they have to be paid back once you either graduate, or stop attending school below a part time basis.

The Federal Stafford loan and the federal PLUS loan are the two basic loans available to students seeking an undergraduate education. The Federal Stafford loan is made in the name of the student, is based on need (only the subsidized portion), does not require a credit check (it's guaranteed by a private guarantor and backed by the government rather than credit/income/assets, etc.) and does not have to be repaid until after the student graduates, leaves school or stops attending on at least a half-time basis. Federal PLUS loans are made in the name of a parent. While they do require a credit check, the credit criteria to obtain a PLUS loan are not as stringent as they are for other types of consumer loans. Repayment of a PLUS loan begins after the loan is fully disbursed.

Typically through the FAFSA site, you can pick a lender, sign a promissory note and find out when your funds will be available to your school. Any leftover money once your tuition is paid can be used to purchase books, pay room and board, or purchase school supplies. Many students choose to send back any remaining funds to cut down on the amount of money they will have to pay back in the future. Other students use the excess money for living expenses. One important tip on student loans is to only borrow what you need.