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Education Sponsor Society – A Collective Effort

Education is one of the basic rights of every individual. However, this right is violated extensively and a large number of countries from the social evil of mass illiteracy. Hence several social service organizations concentrate their work only in the field of education and support the government in eliminating illiteracy. For this purpose, apart from the social service and non-governmental organizations, education sponsoring societies also play a crucial role in the collection and disbursement of valuable funds.

Gathering for a Cause

Illiteracy is a rampant problem in several nations and requires strong, dedicated and focused efforts to be eliminated. Every section of the society must come together and contribute in every possible way to remove illiteracy and encourage education. Usually the cause of illiteracy is poverty and lack of resources. Thus the main motive of every social service organization is to provide finances and other resources to the needy section.

For this special societies are set up that are affiliated to an NGO or works independently for securing funds for financing education for the underprivileged children and adults. The major feature of a society is that it is dedicated for an exclusive purpose and works for a singular cause. Thus a society set up for sponsoring education would work solely for the cause of securing funds from various means and pooling them together. These societies then sponsor education from these funds collected.

These societies collect funds from various commercial corporations, philanthropists and individual donors for sponsoring education. The societies usually have several branches spread within a country or across the world. Every branch supports the work in a particular region or country. The societies provide sponsorships for a large number of causes.

They not only sponsor the tuition fees but also sponsor books and other study materials for the students. The societies provide sponsorships for every academic course and stream, which encourages the students to take up any field of their choice. The societies also sponsor vocational courses and training to the students. This is important as it enables the students to get practical work experience, which helps them in becoming financially independent.

Additional Functions

The education sponsoring societies perform several functions apart from merely sponsoring education for individuals. The societies also perform tasks like establishing educational institutions, upgrading these institutions and extend educational facilities to the remotest areas in the region or country. The societies assist in customizing educational programs while sponsoring them. One of the highlights of the educational sponsoring societies currently existing is that they sponsor computer education and training. Computers have become an integral part and hence individuals must be aware of basic computer operations and applications. Thus, several societies sponsor computer education along with the conventional education, which allows the overall development of the individual.

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