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The Perfect Personal Statement

The candidates must be careful while drafting the personal statements. They must be able to give a good impression of their personality as well as details about them. They must not forget to mention their strengths in the statements. At the same time, they must see that they do not boast of themselves. They must start their personal statement by explaining the reasons for choosing a particular course. If one is smart enough, then, he or she must be able to show that they have already researched about the particular course. The candidates must also include their interests, hobbies, responsibilities they have had at their schools and their strengths like communication skills, team work and so on. It is always better if the candidates are able to mention their expectations from the university.

Though writing a personal statement can be the most satisfying or frustrating experience for anyone, the essay provides an additional proof of one’s know-how and acumen. One needs creativity to draft a perfect personal statement. With the help of the personal statement, one should be able to place their academic record into the context of their opportunities and hindrances. The perfect personal statement should discuss the reasons for choosing the course. If a candidate has opted for different courses, then they must be able to justify the reasons for opting different courses. Here, the candidates can talk about their career aspirations. You must convince the officers that you have the necessary skills to do a course in a university.

So far, there is no one proper way to draft a personal statement. Generally, the academic officers who read your personal statement will look into two important things: the first being the way in which you have mentioned your achievements that have not been reflected in any other part of your application; the second thing is the circumstances which you feel have shaped your attitude, focus and acumen. You should draft your personal statement in such a way that it gives an accurate portrait of who you are and why that particular course is important for you. With the help of this statement, the candidate must be able to go beyond academic achievements and show the officers their various strengths.

A good personal statement allows the reader, i.e. the academic officers, to differentiate the particular candidate from the rest of the applicants. The statement is perfect only if it reflects your personal life accurately and only if you are honest. The perfect personal statement that is appealing and accurate can increase your chances of acceptance in the university or colleges.

Before drafting the final copy of the statement, one must prepare an outline and create a rough copy. The candidates must answer all the questions and ensure that they have a proper theme in the statement. If the candidates claim of any achievement or strength, they must be able support their claims. They must stand unique from other candidates with the help of the statement. The personal statements should not be dumped with words or sentences. It should be clear, concise and easy to read. It should be a mixture of short and long sentences. It is always best if you are honest, confident, interesting and positive in your statement. The essay you have written must be organized, logical, consistent and coherent. One must not forget that a good personal statement includes examples from one’s own life experiences.

One must not commit grammatical mistakes or spelling errors while drafting a personal statement. The statement should not be wordy or have too many jargons. If the statement uses slang, then it would give you a personal touch. The statement should not be boring nor generalize any of the facts. One should not use clichés or gimmicks while drafting a personal statement. Besides, one should not be arrogant or complain or preach in their statement. Above all, one should verify the statement before sending it to the universities.

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