27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Male Versus Female Perspective on Marriage

Historically, male and female views on different aspects of social life varied dramatically. This difference was naturally reflected in literature that serves as the main tool of self-expression and opportunity to express the position of an author either male or female.

In this respect, male and female perspective on marriage remained one of the most arguable points where the positions of male and female writers differed dramatically. At the same time, it does not necessarily mean that they were totally different since both male female authors were significantly affected by the existing social stereotypes and gender roles and attitudes defined by these stereotypes.

Nevertheless, researching the development of British literature and analyzing the works of most popular and known writers of the epoch from 1660 to 1800, it is possible to state that male and female attitude to marriage may be easily traced through the relationship between men and women depicted by the authors of this period of time. In fact, despite the fact that this period was characterized as the epoch of Enlightenment, the impact of traditional stereotypes still remained quite strong. This is why in works of many male authors it is possible to trace the superior attitude toward women and quite negligent attitude to marriage in particular. Often women were viewed as trouble-makers and marriage was viewed as a kind of additional social burden men had to face.

In stark contrast, female authors, being relatively few compared to male writers, attempted to present their own unique view on women at large and their social position. Naturally, their perspective on marriage was an important indicator of their feminist advancements. However, the analysis of works of female authors reveal the fact that, regardless the progressive view on women and growing feminism, they still viewed marriage as an important and desirable part of their life which was often romanticized.

In such a way, on analyzing the male and female perspective on marriage in British literature, it is necessary to properly evaluate the extent to which male positions were conservative and the role of marriage in the works of male writers compared to the positions of female writers in the context of the growing feminine consciousness, which though still remained overshadowed by male stereotypes concerning the role of women and female ideal.

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