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Mastering Student Loans: Canada Student Loans, Help For Grad School

While there are many resources available for Bachelor's level students there is somewhat less available for graduate students. Aside from fellowships and scholarships, there are few other grant resources available. This means that loans are a key to financing graduate school.

Canada Student Loans

Residents of Canada have an option that is both reliable and affordable. Canada student loans provides graduate students the same low interest terms as undergraduates with many repayment options to insure that no student need default.

Before 2001, the loans were administered through private lending institutions and guaranteed by the government. Since 2001, The Student Support Branch, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, branch of the Canadian federal government administers all student loans. They insure that each student receives equal and fair treatment as well as equal and fair access to higher education.

Canada student loans, like other student loans are set at a low rate of interest and are scheduled for beginning repayment six months after graduation. In addition to this, students are required each year to check in with the loan agency to insure they are still enrolled in school.


The real advantage of these loans comes at the repayment end. Canada student loans offer many options for students who have difficulty in repayment. As long as the loan remains out of default Canada student loans are ready to work with the student in repayment.

The government takes into account many factors when deciding how to work with their payees. Those who find themselves on permanent disability can, under the right circumstances, have their debt forgiven. In addition to this, the program offers reductions in principle up to $26,000 dollars over the life of the loan for those who meet the necessary criteria.

Also, payment deferral and interest deferral are options. Payment deferral can be as much as six months, with interest not accruing. Any payment made during this time goes toward the principle. During this time, the government pays the interest on the loan.

The two main requirements other than income are that the loan not be in default and any late payments be brought up to date with interest.

Higher Education Is Never Out of Reach

Many students look at graduate school and despair of ever being able to attend. This need not be. Canada student loans provide a way for the student to focus on their academics and less on their finances.

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